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Python for Beginners

Course id: 0027


Python is a remarkably powerful dynamic programming language that is used in a wide variety of application domains. Python is often used in web development, database access, desktop software development, scientific and numerical analysis, software development, education and even game and 3D graphics. Due to its versatility, it is used in a wide variety of industries by well-known names such as Google, NASA, Industrial Light & Magic, Honeywell, Rackspace, Philips, etc.

Python has a very clear and intuitive object orientation syntax that lets you write the code you need quickly. It has very extensive standard libraries and third party modules for virtually any task in any problem domain. Should the need for integration arises, Python plays well with other language platforms such as COM, .NET and Java. Python’s open source license makes it freely usable and distributable and friendly for commercial use.

Course highlight
This course teaches you the fundamentals of programming in Python. It uses a series of lectures, demonstrations, and exercises to teach participants how to design, develop, and debug Python applications. Participants attending this Python training course will learn the fundamentals of Python, including data types, list comprehension, flow control/looping, packages, modules, and much more.

What you will learn

This course would cover the following main topics:
  • Introduction to Python
  • Working with Variables in Python
  • Numeric Operations in Python
  • Python String Types
  • Python's Lists & Tuples
  • Python Dictionaries
  • Python Compound Statements
  • Basic Input/Output with Files
  • Understanding Iterators
  • Python List Comprehension
  • Creating Python Functions
  • Modules & Packages
  • OS Interfacing

Who should attend

This course is particularly suited for software developers, testers and engineers who would like to increase their productivity in getting things done. The course will also be of interest to technical or project managers who consider using Python's advantages as strategic instrument to better fulfill business requirements.


Some background in programming other programming languages would be desirable, but not required.

Course methodology

Class room training.

Course duration

4 days.

Course structure

  • Introduction to Python
    • About Python
    • The Python Interpreter
    • Whitespace Significance
    • Line Termination
    • Comments in Python
    • Basic Output Generation
    • Simple User Input
    • Python Modules
    • Module Search Paths
    • Determining the System Search Path
  • Working with Variables in Python
    • Python Variables
    • Naming Conventions & Rules
    • Variable References & Garbage Collection
    • List Iteration
    • List Enumeration
    • Sequence Assignments
    • Mutable vs Immutable Objects
    • Multi Target Assignments
  • Numeric Operations in Python
    • More About Python's Numeric Types
    • The Decimal Module
    • Operator Precedence
  • Python String Types
    • Generating Strings in Python
    • Common String Methods
    • Type Conversion in Python
    • Formatting String Output
    • Variable Substitution
    • String Slicing
  • Python's Lists & Tuples
    • Python Lists
    • Common List Methods
    • Other List Operations
    • The range() Function
    • Tuples
  • Python Dictionaries
    • Python Dictionaries
    • Assigning Values to Dictionaries
    • Dictionary Methods
    • Dictionaries vs Lists & Tuples
  • Python Compound Statements
    • Comparison Operations
    • The if Statement
    • The if Ternary Expression
    • Using try To Handle Errors
    • The while Loop
    • The for Loop
  • Basic Input/Output with Files
    • Opening Files
    • Working with Files
  • Understanding Iterators
    • Iterable Objects
    • The iter() Function
    • Using map With Iterators
  • Python List Comprehension
    • Basic List Comprehensions
    • Compound List Comprehensions
  • Creating Python Functions
    • Function Basics
    • Defining Functions
    • Argument Defaults
    • Lambdas
    • Local Variables
    • Understanding __builtin__
  • Modules & Packages
    • Module Basics
    • Packages
  • OS Interfacing
    • About the sys & os Modules
    • Gleaning More Using __doc__ & help()
    • Common sys Module Attributes & Methods
    • Working with the os Module
    • Working with os.path
    • Running Shell Commands

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