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ISO14001 Environmental Management System Awareness

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ISO14001 Environmental Management System is an international environment standard developed by the International Organisation for Standardisation in Geneva and its standard can be verified by audit for which a certificate is awarded.

This course is specifically tailored to create awareness and better understanding for all levels of staff particularly the Management Representative and the Team Members who need to plan and implement EMS effectively upon thoroughly understanding the requirements of the six Elements for a successful certification.

Course highlight
Participants will have better understanding and awareness of EMS and its requirements, legality, policy and how to begin, organize and implement the Elements using its model for the benefit of an organization.

What participants say about the course
The following are some verbatim statements from the participants:

  • Sangat berguna kerana dapat menguruskan barang buangan mengikut cara yg betul -- Jan 2012
  • Done very well, easy to understand -- Apr 2012

What you will learn

This course comprises of the following topics:
  • Terminology used in Environmental Management System
  • The six elements of EMS
  • Element on General Requirements
  • Element on Environmental Policy
  • Element on Planning
  • Element on Implementation and Operation
  • Element on Checking and Corrective Action
  • Element on Management Review
  • How to begin
Participants would, in addition, be introduced to the ISO 14001 EMS Model as a guideline for implementation of its standards.

Who should attend

This course is suited for all levels of staff in an organization particularly those team members who need to plan, implement, monitor, conduct internal audit and provide training. Management Representative, HODs, managers and supervisors are encouraged to attend for better understanding and support to the team members.


Participants are not required to have any special background knowledge but must be interested in understanding the general requirements of EMS and how it is implemented for an organisation’s and his/her benefits.

Course methodology

This course is presented in a lecture using Powerpoint presentation.

Course duration

1 day.

Course structure

  • Overview: terminology, standards, benefits, model
  • Element 4.1: General requirements
  • Element 4.2: Environmental Policy: statement of commitment, continual improvement, compliance of legality, prevent pollution, communicated
  • Element 4.3.1: Planning: identify aspect & impact of products, services, and activities
  • Element 4.3.2.: Legal & Other Requirements: EQA 1974, Sewage Services Act, Poison Act, Factory & Machinery Act
  • Element 4.3.3: Objectives & Targets: SMART goal setting
  • Element 4.3.4: Env. Mgmt Program (EMP): plan action to achieve Obj. & Tgt
  • Element 4.4: 4.4.1: Implementation & Operation: Structure & Responsibilities
  • Element 4.4.2: Training, Awareness & Competence: training needs
  • Element 4.4.3: Communication: internal and external
  • Element 4.4.4: EMS Documentation: establish and maintain
  • Element 4.4.5: Document Control: procedures for controlling, review, revise, authorized, obsolete, preserved, read and dated
  • Element 4.4.6: Operational Control: ensure operation is compliance to policy
  • Element 4.4.7: ERP: team setting, fire alarm
  • Element 4.5.1: Checking & CA: Monitoring & Measuring
  • Element 4.5.2: Non-conformance & Corrective & Preventive Action
  • Element 4.5.3: Records: keep adequate records of EMS performance
  • Element 4.5.4: EMS Audit: internal & external audits
  • Element 4.6: Management Review: periodically for continual improvement.
  • How To Begin: EMS Project Committee, MR, responsibilities, gap analysis, policies, aspect & impact, program to achieve objectives & targets, audits.


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