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The following are some verbatim feedback from our course participants.


Advanced Optimisation Techniques for C

  • Improved my programming skills -- Nov 2014
  • This course is meet our expectation -- Nov 2014

C Programming for Embedded Systems

  • Honestly, this course is very informative & fun -- Nov 2013

C Programming for Engineers

  • The assignment and instructor personal guidance -- Jan 2010
  • Learn how to program good programming way -- Jan 2010
  • Material presented was great -- May 2013
  • Very punctual and certainly robust in terms of knowledge and problem solving -- May 2013
  • The instructor is knowledgeable, manage interact participants, manage give examples on real engineering issues compare to learning activities -- Sept 2013

Developing Device Drivers for Linux

  • Instructor provided examples in a simple way for basic understanding. Easier to understand -- Jun 2012
  • Key points were delovered clearly -- Jun 2012
  • Samples of working code were provided which greatly helped in preliminary understanding -- Jun 2012

Developing Reliable Embedded Systems with C

  • Exploration on MISRA guidelines and firmware documentation software -- Feb 2011
  • Real experience sharing and knowledge from instructor related to this course -- Apr 2012
  • Instructor is willing to share, helpful and knowledgeable. The content is interesting -- Apr 2012
  • Good examples & detailed exercises -- Apr 2012
  • Several coding techniques that are not typically used -- Jun 2012

Fundamentals of C & C++ Programming with the MS Visual Studio Environment

  • The course touch on the basics as well as some of the advance topics -- June 2013
  • I liked the part when I learned about pointers, arrays, structures and and arrays -- June 2013
  • We can try the code on the spot (hands on) -- June 2013
  • A lots of knowledge shared, and gave a very good overview understanding about C++ -- July 2013
  • They are able to conduct very well-- July 2013

Fundamentals of Effective Presentations

  • This training taught me on what items should be and should not be on my slides -- Sep 2012
  • The course: participation from attendees. The instructor: Fluent in english, good presenter, high knowledge in his field -- Oct 2012

Fundamentals of Visual Basic .NET

  • Instructor takes time to build/teach a strong foundation/fundamental of this course -- June 2014

ISO14001 Environmental Management System Awareness

  • Sangat berguna kerana dapat menguruskan barang buangan mengikut cara yg betul -- Jan 2012
  • Done very well, easy to understand -- Apr 2012

ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Awareness

  • Easy to understand. Presented in layman terms -- Jan 2012
  • Great coordinator with good experience on this field, the explanation made was easily understood -- Jan 2012

Open Source: Legal and Development Implications

  • Speaker well experienced in the related field -- May 2011
  • Presentations was awesome and interactive -- May 2011
  • Able to simplify technical and legal terms to layman's -- May 2011

Practical Layout and Routing of Mixed-Signal PCBs

  • Strong interaction, content is applicable and practical -- Oct 2010
  • Practical & lots of lab work. It's great! -- Oct 2010
  • Hands-on and theory done at the same time, easy to understand the theory by doing the lab exercises -- Oct 2010
  • I understand the constraints and the need to inform layout engineers on some important critical nets when they are laying out -- Dec 2010

Programming and Interfacing PIC Microcontrollers

  • Instructor very helpful and can understand what is taught -- Mar 2011
  • Explanation was clear, Can follow easily -- Mar 2011
  • Function of the chip and function of the board -- Mar 2011
  • The way of instructor giving his lecture to students is simple and easily to understand -- Jan 2012
  • Instructor very knowledgeable -- Jan 2012

Scholastic Writing for Conference and Journal Publications

  • Instructor's in-depth knowledge -- Dec 2009
  • Lots of example and explanation are given -- Dec 2009
  • Peer evaluation on the pre work -- Jun 2011
  • Own paper has been used as a case study to discuss during the training. Can know which area need to improve through the discussion -- Dec 2011
  • Instructor is very interactive with the students -- Jan 2012
  • Use student articles as workshop sessions share ideas or suggestion for improvement & tips. Very useful tips -- Jan 2012
  • Instructor was able to deliver the knowledge effectively -- May 2012
  • The instructor is very interactive, he delivers the course in very effective way -- May 2012
  • It was presented in a simple manner that it is easy to understand and materials are well organised -- Jun 2012
  • Royan tried to relate to all the different disciplines we represented -- June 2012
  • Gain a lot of information regarding publications -- Aug 2012
  • Interactive and not boring -- Sep 2012
  • Good examples were given, trainer has great experience -- Mar 2014
  • The scope of the training is just apt -- Mar 2014

Serial Communication and Control with Visual Basic .NET

  • Deliver very good and experience instructor in this course -- July 2014
  • The instructor able to deliver the course very well and very knowledgeable -- July 2014

Verilog for Synthesis

  • The instructor try to do his best to make me understand this course using hardware and software -- Dec 2009
  • The instructor patiently try to make me understand when I don't understand -- Dec 2009
  • Improved my skills and give a lot of benefit to my future work -- Jan 2010
  • Learn hands-on about programming a design using software and hardware, the lecturer also nice and knowledgeable about the course and make the class live -- Jan 2010
  • An opportunity for me to learn a new software tool in playing with verilog HDL by using Quartus II -- Jul 2011






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