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Open Source: Legal and Development Implications

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Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) has gained both momentum and acceptance as the potential benefits have been increasingly recognised by both individuals and corporations. However, there is still much confusion over the use of such software particularly in the context of proprietary commercial products. It can be a legal minefield.

Course highlight
This course emphasises on the use of FLOSS in businesses to build proprietary, commercial and open-source products.

What participants say about the course
The following are some verbatim statements from the participants:

  • Speaker well experienced in the related field -- May 2011
  • Presentations was awesome and interactive -- May 2011
  • Able to simplify technical and legal terms to layman's -- May 2011

What you will learn

This course concentrates on the theoretical and practical knowledge to allow participants to achieve the following learning outcomes. Upon completing the course, participants would be able to:
  • Know the compatibility and difference between various licenses such as BSD and GPL, and their variants and versions
  • Comply with the various licenses especially in mixed-usage situations
  • Understand how to use FLOSS in business to build proprietary, commercial and open-source products

Who should attend

This course is particularly suited for engineers, scientist and technicians who would like/are required to use FLOSS in their product development.



Course methodology

This course is presented classroom style lectures with plenty of discussions and examples.

Course duration

1 day.

Course structure

  • Introduction to IP and Copyleft
    • Free vs Open
    • FLOSS
    • FLOSS and Copyright
    • FLOSS and Patents
    • Malaysia vs US/EU
    • Copyleft
  • License and Compliance
    • BSD family
    • GPL family
    • Other license
    • License compatibility
    • License infringements
  • FLOSS Development Models
    • Cathedral and Bazaar
    • Reinventing the Wheel
    • Ensuring quality
    • Beyond end-of-life
    • Repaying to work
    • Customer feedback
    • Sense of Security
  • Risks and Mitigation
    • Proprietary-friendly
    • Commercial-friendly
    • Business-friendly

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