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Introduction to Survey Methods and Data Collection

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The formulation of questionnaires, the demographical and temporal coverage of surveys and the processing methodology of data, are some important aspects that greatly influences the outcome of surveys. Improper methodologies and processes could easily skew and bias results that may mislead survey conclusions.

This two day course aims to guide early career researchers in developing proper surveys and steer them clear of pitfalls. The course covers proper design and testing of questionnaires, quantitative survey methods and the basics of processing completed questionnaires.

What you will learn

This course concentrates on the theoretical and practical knowledge to allow participants to achieve the following learning outcomes. Upon completing the course, participants would be able to:
  • Know the over survey process flow from conception to data analysis
  • Understand the pros and cons of survey methods and determine the most suitable one for each scenario
  • Design and code effective questionnaires that are analyzable
  • Process the data while avoiding pitfalls and caveats

Who should attend

This course is ideal for academicians and those in the commercial sectors who are/will conduct surveys and research studies. It is suitable for those who are new in this field, and more seasoned hands who would like to extend their knowledge and hone their skills in critiquing commissioned or existing research.


This is a basic introductory session; hence participants need not be well versed with survey methods nor data collection. Participants have to have a good command of English.

Course methodology

This course is presented as a workshop style, with examples for discussion and hands-on practical sessions interlaced with lectures.

Course duration

2 days.

Course structure

  • Quantitative survey methods
    • Introduction to quantitative survey methods
    • Comparison of quantitative research methods
    • Interviews vs Self completion vs Mail questionnaires vs Online
    • Selecting the most appropriate sampling technique and sample
  • General principles of designing questionnaires
    • Hands-on practical: Critiquing questionnaires
    • Getting started with designing a questionnaire
    • Diagnosing question problems
    • Formats to avoid
    • Solutions to unclear terms/words
    • Tackling sensitive questions
  • Pilot testing
    • Importance of pilot testing
    • Methods of piloting test questionnaires
    • Measuring the accuracy of survey
  • Conducting surveys
    • Suitable demographic and temporal resolution
    • Methods to increase response rates
    • Reliability and validity in research
  • Coding
    • Coding closed ended questions
    • Coding open ended questions
    • Hands-on practical: Coding an open ended question
  • Data entry
    • Data entry caveats and pitfalls to look out for
    • Data processing software
    • Filtering and cleaning data for analysis
    • Overcoming issues of missing data

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