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Introduction to Wireless Sensor Networks

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Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technology is a rapidly emerging field for monitoring and surveillance applications in areas such as industrial process control, environmental, traffic control, health care, agriculture, battlefield and domotic.

WSNs offer significant advantages over conventional monitoring methods as they can be deployed in harsh, hostile environments; and can autonomously monitor wide areas over long durations. Due to its obvious advantages, the Malaysian government has classified WSN as one of the key technology areas, and hence is greatly emphasizing the research, development and deployment of Wireless Sensor Networks.

Course highlight This course introduces WSNs and the implications of sensing, communication, power, mechanics and information handling techniques. Participants would also be introduced to the practical aspects necessary for successful WSN deployments.

What you will learn

This course would cover the following main topics:
  • Sensing considerations
  • Communication methodologies
  • Power requirements
  • Mechanical design
  • Information handling
  • Deployment issues

Who should attend

This course is particularly suited for technicians, engineers and researchers who wish to gain knowledge in Wireless Sensor Networks and acquire some practical advice for successful deployment.


Participants should have a rudimentary understanding of wireless communication, networking and embedded systems.

Course methodology

This course is presented in a workshop style with lectures interlaced with demonstrations and practicals for maximum understanding.

Course duration

2 days.

Course structure

Day 1
  • Introduction: WSN overview, advantages, disadvantages, applications, issues
  • Sensing: sensor types, sensing rate, data formatting, compression, storage and retrieval
  • Communication: topologies, wireless standards (802.15.4, WiFi, ZigBee, etc.), routing protocols (flooding, AODV, etc.), gateway-server communication
  • Power: sources, energy harvesting, requirement estimation, power reduction techniques
Day 2
  • Mechanical: module placement, packaging
  • Information: storage, retrieval, visualization
  • Deployment: communication issues, probe location
  • Hands-on practical: presentation of WSN design
  • Case study: Deployment of Glacsweb (
Participants would work in groups to design WSNs based upon scenarios of their choice, which would then be presented and discussed at the end of the course. Participants would also review and refine their hypothetical WSN system after each major topic is covered.


Dr Royan Ong

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