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Introduction to Wind Energy

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Wind power is the fastest growing sector of the electrical power industries due to its green credentials and renewability. The combined power output from this sector is forecast to increase by 37% annually and contributing up to 8 percent of the world’s electrical energy by 2018.

This course introduces wind turbine technology and economics behind successful deployment. It offers an overview of the modern wind energy technology without assuming prior knowledge of this industry. The principles of wind energy conversion, the evolution of wind power and other key concepts are explained, as well as the working principles of turbine assemblies, economics and costs of wind power, control strategy, operation and maintenance issues. In addition, the reliability of wind turbines, industry trend and technology advance, standards and manufacturers are covered.

What you will learn

This course covers the following topics:
  • Principles of wind energy conversion
  • Structure of modern wind turbines
  • Economics and costs of wind power
  • Principles of wind turbine assemblies
  • Offshore versus onshore wind power
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Reliability of wind turbines
  • Latest technological development
  • International standards and major manufacturers
  • Industrial examples

Who should attend

This entry-level course is particularly suited for decision makers, investors, managers, professionals and engineers who are interested in the intricacies, principles and technologies of the wind industry.


Diploma or degree in engineering or technology related courses.

Course methodology

This course is presented as PowerPoint presentation lectures interlaced with case studies, videos and exercises for maximum understanding.

Course duration

3 days.

Course structure

Day 1
  • Introduction: Terminology, evolution of wind power, development of wind power in Asia, EU and US
  • Fundamentals of wind energy conversion: Wind description, power generation, Betz’s Elementary Momentary theory, rotor aerodynamics
  • Basic concepts of wind turbine: Vertical and horizontal, upwind versus downwind, drive train concepts, power control
  • Case study 1: Technical specification of a commercial wind turbine
  • Video 1: Wind farm construction
  • Economics and costs of wind power: Basic concepts, investment costs breakdown, operating and maintenance costs, cost of energy
  • Hands-on practical 1: Evaluate performance and economics of wind farms
Day 2
  • Wind turbine assemblies: Rotor blades, pitch system, gearbox, generator, converter, yaw, grid connection
  • Hands-on practical 2: Design a conceptual wind farm
  • Wind turbine control: Pitch control, torque control
  • Operation and maintenance: Maintenance concepts, availability, maintenance strategy, remote monitoring, maintenance manual
  • Hands-on practical 3: Inferring turbine health from sensory data
Day 3
  • Reliability of wind turbines: Reliability impact on Cost of Energy, failure rate and downtime distribution, reliability-centered maintenance for wind turbines
  • Hands-on practical 4: Analyse reliability data collected from field
  • Industry trend and technology advance: Offshore versus onshore wind power, comparison of drive train concepts, reliability makes difference, intelligent monitoring system
  • Case study 2: New products of assemblies
  • Introduction to international standards: IEC 61400 series, Germanischer Lloyd Guidelines
  • Major industry players: Wind turbine manufacturers, assembly manufacturers


Dr Yanhui Feng

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