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Information Security

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Information Security is a comprehensive set of controls to protect confidentiality, integrity and availability of important corporate proprietary information. It helps to define uniform standards for handling information and its systems and to prevent loss and corruption of data. This course is specifically tailored to create awareness for all levels of staff to ensure an organization is protected from information and data loss and to ensure availability of current data to maintain its business competitiveness. Course highlight Participants will be more aware of the necessity to take care of corporate proprietary information to prevent leakages and avoid unnecessary mitigation from third parties.

What you will learn

This course comprises of the following topics:
  • What is Information Security
  • Why we need Information Security
  • Information Security Policy
  • Formation & Functions of IS Committee
  • IS care in Work Areas
  • What employees need to be aware of
  • Information system and passwords
  • How to take care of documents and files
  • Classification of documents
Participants would, in addition, be introduced to the history of ISO 17799 Security Standards.

Who should attend

This course is suited for all levels of staff in an organization particularly those team members comprising IS Coordinators, Associates and department representatives who need to plan, implement, monitor, conduct internal audit and provide training to ensure security and well being of the company’s information. Personnels from the Information Technology department are also encouraged to attend this course.


Participants are not required to have any special background knowledge but Information Security Co-ordinators, Associates, those from Information Technology Department with some knowledge of IT operations will be suitable.

Course methodology

This course is presented in a lecture using Powerpoint and video presentation.

Course duration

1 day.

Course structure

  • Overview: IS process, standard’s history
  • Policy: Coverage of data, objectives, organization chart
  • Functions: IS Coordinator, Associates
  • Work Area: What must you do and what you must not do
  • Employees.: Do’s and Don’t’s
  • Part-Time Employees: Access rights & limits, special passwords, user ID
  • Maintenance People: Discrete supervision, unwanted files, documents
  • Visitors: Adherance, no wandering
  • Info System: Protect info media, supplier’s regulations, accesses to files, secured filing, de-magnetise unwanted diskettes
  • Passwords: Do’s and Don’t’s
  • Document Files: achive, access
  • Classification of Documents: For internal use only, confidential, strictly confidential
  • Video: Targets of Opportunity – The Human Factor


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