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8051 Architecture Fundamentals and Programming

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It is widely recognized that where cost is a significant factor, 8-bit microcontrollers provide the most economical solution for embedded devices, and the 8051 family of microcontroller is one of the best-supported available today. This course is intended to prepare you to take the full advantage of 8051 microcontrollers for embedded system design.

Course Highlight
Participants will use the industrial standard Keil C51 compiler and simulator to gain in-depth knowledge of the processor core and develop real-world application code.

What you will learn

This course concentrates on the theoretical and practical knowledge to allow participants to achieve the following learning outcomes. Upon completing the course, participants would be able to:
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the 8051 architecture
  • Understand the relationship between the instruction set and processor architecture
  • Understand the interaction between programming languages and machine code
  • Know how peripherals are controlled
  • Understand interrupts and how they are configured and used
  • Configure and use standard peripherals such as the I/O ports and timers

Who should attend

Engineers and technicians who are involved in 8051-based system design.


Participants are required to have a background in electronics.

Course methodology

This course is presented in a workshop style with example-led lectures interlaced with hands-on practical for maximum understanding.

Course duration

4 days.

Course structure

  • Introduction
    • Load-Store architecture
    • CISC vs RISC
    • von Neumann vs Harvard
  • The 8051
    • History of the 8051
    • 8051 variants
    • Development tools
    • Hands-on practical 1: Introduction to Keil C51
  • Architecture
    • Processor architecture
    • Memory organization
    • Instruction set: memory access, arithmetic and logic
    • Hands-on practical 2: Introduction to 8051 Assembly
    • Instruction set: branches
    • Addressing modes
    • Hands-on practical 3: Loops and Conditions
  • C to machine code
    • The compilation process
    • Linking object codes
    • The stack
    • Hands-on Practical 4: Hello C World
  • I/O ports
    • Controlling peripherals via special function registers
    • I/O ports: overview and configuration
    • Hands-on practical 5: Flashing LED
  • Interrupt system
    • Polling vs interrupt
    • 8051 interrupt mechanism
    • Interrupt priority
    • Hands-on practical 6: External Interrupts
  • Timers
    • Overview of generic timers
    • Configurations and usage
    • Hands-on practical 7: Stopwatch
  • Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (USART)
    • Overview
    • RS232 standard
    • Configuration and usage
    • Ring buffering
  • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
    • Overview
    • Configuration and usage
    • Hands-on Practical 8: Interfacing SPI EEPROM
  • Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C)
    • Overview
    • Configuration and usage
    • Hands-on Practical 9: Interfacing I2C EEPROM
  • Analogue-Digital Conversion (ADC)
    • Overview
    • Configuration and usage
    • Accurate ADC conversion
    • Hands-on Practical 10: Temperature sensor


Dr Royan Ong

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