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Payroll: Best Practices and Statutory Requirements

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Payroll management is a process of managing the Payroll Department effectively through proper organization and defining specific staff functions, responsibilities and duties. It is necessary to understand the Statutory Requirements to avoid over or under paying staff salaries/wages and to avoid paying penalties due to compromising any statutory requirements.

This course is specifically tailored to provide a better awareness and understanding of job responsibilities for staff working in the Payroll Department.

Course highlight
Participants will have better knowledge and understanding of duties, responsibilities and the necessary Statutory Requirements of local by-laws related to salary/wage preparation and the control of the Payroll Department.

What you will learn

This course comprises of the following topics:
  • Payment types
  • Functions in Payroll Department
  • Documents used in Payroll
  • The components of pay slips
  • Statutory requirements related to Payroll
  • Types of Reports
Participants would, in addition, learn the process flow of preparing staff salaries/wages and to ensure statutory requirements are not compromised.

Who should attend

This course is suited for all levels of staff working in the Payroll department from manager, supervisor, clerks to those who need to prepare statistics for the Costing department. Managers and supervisors who need a better understanding of how salaries/wages are computed and need to explain to new staff the general Payroll processes and basic statutory requirements related to Payroll are encouraged to attend. Internal and external auditors are also encouraged to attend for more effective audits.


Participants are not required to have any special background knowledge of Payroll and Human Resources.

Course methodology

This course is presented in a lecture using Powerpoint presentation.

Course duration

1 day.

Course structure

  • Payments: determining methods and frequency of payments
  • Functions: understanding the duties and responsibilities of Payroll
  • Documents: familiarizing with the types used by internal and external parties
  • Payslips: components, basic, allowances, deductions, contributions
  • Statutory requirements of the Employment Act, EPF, SOCSO, Unclaimed Monies Act, Income Tax Act
  • Reports for internal management and external statutory bodies


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