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Quality Control Circles

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Quality Control Circles (QCC) is a process of solving problems in an organization using the identified 7 QCC tools of Brainstorming, Cause & Effect Diagram, Checksheet, Histogram, Pareto Principle, Scatter Diagram, and Radar Diagram.

This course is specifically tailored to provide a better problem solving process for an organization with examples for better understanding to participants.

Course highlight Participants will have better knowledge of solving problems in the production floor and in the service departments using the QCC tools for continuous improvement. It encourages proactivity, prevents problems and promotes staff relationship to benefit an organization.

What you will learn

This course comprises of the following topics:
  • What is Quality Control Circles
  • What are the benefits to an organisation
  • Why and how Brainstorming works
  • Fishbone – Cause & Effect diagram
  • How to use a Checksheet from data collection
  • What is Histogram and how to use it
  • Pareto principle – vital few, not trivia many
  • How to use Scatter Diagram and interpretations
  • What Radar Diagram is for
  • How to implement QCC in an organization
  • Process of PDCA Cycle
Participants will, in addition, learn the process of using the Plan, Do, Check, and Action Cycle to assist in solving problems.

Who should attend

This course is suited for all levels of staff working in an organization from manager, supervisor, clerks to those who are keen to solve problems in the process of their daily work, be it major or trivia.


Participants are not required to have any special background knowledge but those from Production and Service Departments and those who are interested in solving problems for continuous improvement in an organisation will benefit from this course.

Course methodology

This course is presented in a lecture using Powerpoint presentation.

Course duration

1 day.

Course structure

  • Overview: what is QCC and its benefits
  • QCC Tools: the 7 tools
  • Brainstorming : why use it, methods, how to stimulate creative thinking
  • Cause & Effect Diagram : fish bone diagram, how to do it, identify causes
  • Checksheet : why & how to use it, examples of data collection
  • Histogram : construction, process centering, spread and shape, interpretation
  • Pareto Chart : key problems, 20/80 rule, vital few & trivia many
  • Scatter Diagram : relationship of variables, interpretation of diagrams
  • Radar Chart : rating performance, strength & weakness
  • Implementation: establish QCC system, training, duties, teams, PDCA Cycle
  • PDCA Cycle : a problem solving process based on Plan, Do, Check, Action cycle


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