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Fundamentals of Visual Basic .NET

Course id: 0061


Visual Basic .NET is an object-oriented programming language that allows the developer to rapidly create graphical-based programs for the Microsoft Windows platform.

This course introduces Visual Basic .NET to beginners and is particularly suited for those new to GUI-based program development. The course covers the fundamentals of the language, visual controls and exception handling; allowing one to create fairly complex applications.

What participants say about the course
The following are some verbatim statements from the participants:

  • Instructor takes time to build/teach a strong foundation/fundamental of this course -- June 2014

What you will learn

This course concentrates on the practical knowledge to allow participants to achieve the following learning outcomes. Upon completing the course, participants would be able to:
  • Understand object-oriented programming techniques in Visual Basic
  • Use forms and controls to develop programs in Visual Basic
  • Develop applications with compound data types
  • Create menus and icons for applications
  • Gracefully handle exceptions to prevent premature program termination

Who should attend

This course is particularly suited for people intending to develop applications in Visual Basic .NET.


Participants should have a diploma/degree in computer science- or engineering-related fields. They should have programming experience with other programming languages.

Course methodology

This course is presented in a workshop style with lectures interlaced with demonstrations and hands-on practicals for maximum understanding

Course duration

3 days.

Course structure

  • Introduction
    • Getting started with Visual Basic 2010
    • Using the programming environment
    • Creating a project
    • Hands-on practical: Hello VB World
    • Debugging techniques
  • Classes and Objects
    • Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
    • Overview of the .NET framework classes
    • Inheritance of classes
    • Creating objects
    • Hands-on practical: Instantiating Objects
  • Fundamentals
    • Namespaces
    • Data types
    • Variable scope
    • Hands-on practical: Namespace and Variable Scope
    • Operators and expressions
    • Data conversion
    • Hands-on practical: Computation with Visual Basic
  • Program control
    • Decision structures
    • Iterative structures
    • Functions
    • Sub routines
    • Pass by value versus pass by reference
    • Hands-on practical: Program Control
  • Forms
    • Understanding and customizing forms
    • Handling multiple forms
    • Dialog boxes
    • Hands-on practical: Using Forms
  • Control elements
    • Common control elements
    • Modifying control element properties
    • Hands-on practical: Implementing Common Controls
    • Modifying control properties at run-time
    • Hands-on practical: Customising Controls at Runtime
  • Events
    • What are events?
    • Handling events
    • Hands-on practical: Event Handling
  • Menus
    • Creating the menu bar
    • Handling menus
    • Using icons
    • Hands-on practical: Creating Menus
  • Compound data types
    • Arrays
    • Enumeration
    • Records
    • Hands-on practical: Compound Data Types
  • Exceptions
    • Detecting errors
    • Exception handling
    • Hands-on practical: Exception Handling


Dr Royan Ong

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